Owl Box

We recently went to a “Birds of Prey” show at the Audubon Community Nature Center in our area. There we met some pretty cool birds, my favorite were the Barn Owls below:

When we got home I decided to look into creating a birdhouse that would attract the owls. Apparently, they are called an “Owl Box”. There are many plans on the internet, I finally landed on the very simple set of plans below:

I used rough pine for my owl box since it was the first time I was creating on and pine is cheap. It should also be able to stand the weather for a couple years or so while I see if I can even attract the owls to it in my area. Creating the owl box was easy. The only real challenge was that the pine I purchased was 12 inches wide but the plans called for pieces up to 16 inches wide. My first task was to cut all of the lengths I needed per the plans. There the pieces needed to be wider than 12 inches, I cut 2 pieces and then biscuit joined the pieces together.

If you’ve never biscuit joined anything before, it’s simple as long as you have the biscuit joiner. The one I used is below. It’s a Ryobi that cost me around $99 at the local Home Depot:

Ryobi Biscuit Joiner

Basically, once you have the two sections of pine that you want to join together, line them up and draw a small line that goes across both boards where you want the biscuits to go, see below:

Next, center the biscuit joiner on your lines and cut the holes. I used #20 biscuits, so I adjusted the joiner to cut #20 wholes per the instructions that came with the joiner. Once your done, you should have boards that look like this:

Next, you need to glue the boards together with the biscuits in place. First, put a bead of wood glue on the board as shown:

Next, put some glue on the biscuits as shown here:

Next, place the biscuits in the holes on the board and then use a small glue brush to brush the glue to cover all areas of the board edge and the biscuits. You should end up with something like this:

Finally, connect the board sections together and place within your wood clamps. Tighter the clamps down firmly and let the section dry overnight:

Once the sections are dry, you can cut the piece to its final dimension. You’ll repeat this process to create the rest of the pieces of the Owl Box. Once you have all 4 sides and the bottom ready, you can connect them together. I used wood glue on all the edges and also screwed it all together. It’s an Owl Box, it doesn’t need to look pretty but it needs to stand up to the weather, so glue and screw it together:

Once the sides are connected to the base, you can add the roof and the mounting board, cut the 7″ opening, and you’re done:

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