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I bought a few things for the truck bed portion of the truck.  The first thing I added were the rail liners.  For some unknown reason, Chevy didn’t make they standard on the Silverado in 2013.  All you’d see in the image below is white paint which left it completely exposed to dings and scrapes if you’re a DIY kind of person that gets all sorts of lumber from Home Depot.  The liners I bought were “Husky Liners Custom Fit Molded Quad Cap for Select Chevrolet Silverado Models” from Amazon.  I paid around $85 at the time and see that they are still the same price.  There isn’t a whole lot to review on them, they are extremely durable and look awesome on the truck.  The one word of warning I have is that the glue they put on the back of these things in incredibly strong and adheres immediately.  You need to be very careful to have everything lined up perfectly before they even touch the paint.

Once I had the rail liners in place, the next thing was the Tonneau cover.  These things are a bit pricey for my taste, but I needed to have something on there because I live in the winter wonderland northeast and if I didn’t have a cover then the truck of the bed would be rendered useless in the wintertime.  I decided to go with the “Bestop EZ Fold Truck Tonneau Cover” which was around $300 at the time.  The reviews on it were great then and are still great now.  I had owned a Jeep Wrangler prior to purchasing the truck and I purchased a BestTop cover for it and was very happy.  I figured I’d be just as happy with the Tonneau cover and so far so good.  Here is the one I purchased:

The next thing I wanted for the truck bed was a backup camera. Remember, my truck is the base LT model and doesn’t some with a fancy radio with a backup video camera. So, being the DIY person I am I decided to install my own. Since it connects to an aftermarket stereo I installed, I put more detail about the backup camera on the stereo page found here:

The only other piece I really required for the truck bed was the bed liner and mine came with it so I didn’t need to purchase one. The only complaint I have about the bed liner is that it’s one of those plastic inserts. They are durable as hell and shouldn’t cause you any problems, but the spray in liners look so much better. Had my truck not come with one, I would have paid to get the bed sprayed.

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