Running Boards

A buddy of mine told me not too long before I bought my running boards that he had some installed on his Silverado. I asked him how much and he told me the whole installation cost him around $850. He was so proud. I cringed at having to spend that much on my truck, I’m way too cheap. He gave me the brand and model that he had installed, “Lund Chrome 5-inch Oval Bent Nerf Bars”, and I started looking around. In less than an hour I found the exact same running boards on for around $325. That’s over $500 in savings! I told my buddy and he was livid, but it was too late for him, the damage was done. I, however, am a DIY’er. I purchased the running boards for $325 and free Amazon Prime 2-day shipping and within a few hours had them installed on my Silverado all by myself. I sent my buddy a picture of them on my truck, with the total price. He never replied. As far as a review of the running boards go, there’s not a whole lot to review. They look great, don’t have any scrapes or scratches after 3 years. I’m very happy with them. There are 200+ reviews on for them and they average around 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. For that price and those reviews you can’t really go wrong.

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