Chevy Silverado

Like many other guys I know, when I was a teenager the only thing I ever wanted was a nice truck.  However, the only thing I could afford was a busted up 1984 Honda Accord.  Well, 30+ years later, I finally got to buy my Chevy Silverado.  It’s just a base 2013 Crew Cab, nothing fancy at all, but I have added a few things to it to make it a bit nicer.  I added everything myself since I’m too cheap to pay anybody to do anything.  In this section I’ll list some of the things I’ve done with a brief how-to and/or product review along the way.


A mix of home improvement ideas, DIY projects, product reviews, compiled from years of owning my own home and refusing to pay anybody to do, build or fix anything that I couldn't figure out myself.