Back when I was in college I obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering, so wiring and all its challenges has always interested me.  That being the case, in my home I’ve always done my own wiring no matter what projects I’ve worked on.  This has saved me a ton of money since hiring an electrician isn’t cheap.  However, if you have never wired before I would recommend you hire an electrician to do the work for you.  Something like this, if not done correctly, can literally start your house on fire.  For those that have done wiring before and are looking for a good book to refresh your memory a bit or help you with tricky configurations such as 3-way switch wiring, by far the best book I have found is “The Complete Guide to Wiring” by Black & Decker.  This book is loaded with detailed wiring diagrams that are easy to read and understand.  It covers just about any wiring project you can think of, from installing the breaker panel and connecting all your switches, outlets, etc. all the way to it.  Looking in my cabinet, I have three other books on wiring, but this is literally the only book I’ve ever needed, the others were bought just in case and never used.

Here is the exact book I use still today:

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