There’s no way around it, plumbing sucks.  Of all the things I’ve done, the one I’ve dreaded the most is plumbing.  The worst is working on existing drains, they are the most disgusting thing in your house, worse than the cat’s litter box, no joke.  The problem is, with the advent of PEX and Sharkbites and such, plumbing is also one of the easiest things to do now in your home.  With PEX, gone are the days of copper pipes and elbows and sweating and all of that time consuming exact science crap.  With PEX, you can make mistakes and still end up with a solid installation.

If you’ve never worked with PEX, it basically replaces copper pipes that had to be cut to exact lengths and soldered together with plastic somewhat flexible PEX pipe that can be cut with a fancy pair of scissors and connected together with a simple compress metal ring.  You can still make turns with elbows and such, it’s just a million times easier now.

The best news is that even if your house currently has nothing but copper pipes, you can still add that new sink you need with PEX.  There is a sweet little piece called a Sharkbite Couple that you can use to connect PEX plastic piping to your existing copper pipes.  The PEX couple is shown below:

Also, contains a ton of PEX items for your projects. To see what they have, click here:

Now, as far as plumbing books go, I don’t have many since I was already familiar with plumbing. However I do own the “Plumbing 1-2-3” book from Home Depot and it’s a decent book to get you started:

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