International Residential Code (IRC)

When taking on any project that will change your home in some way, from adding an addition to remodeling a bathroom, it’s important to follow the rules to ensure you are doing it safely.  The trick in most situations is knowing what the rules are.  A good way to start getting an idea of the rules is to take a look at the book called “Code Check: 7th Edition”.  This book contains a lot of the “International Residential Code” (IRC) information which will help you start planning your projects.  It can help with understanding the various rules around such things as:

  • Framing an addition
  • Building a deck with a fence
  • Building walls
  • Building Stairs
  • Installing or replacing windows
  • Plumbing, Wiring, etc.

Most cities, towns, etc. will have a “Code Enforcer”.  I would  recommend speaking to them personally to get the latest IRC code and using the book as only a starting point for learning the various codes and questions you want to speak to the “Code Enforcer” about.  My local guy is great and willing to talk about anything, they’re there to make sure no matter what you work on that you end up with a safe home to live in.

The book I used for an IRC reference is below:

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