Over the years I’ve helped friends and family with decking projects such as building pool decks, replacing the deck floor, building stairs etc. However, I’d never built one from scratch connected to a home like I had to do for my own deck. I have 2 different books I’ve purchased on building decks, however, just like the Wiring book, the best book I found was by Black and Decker. The book I own is called “The Complete Guide to Decks”. It’s loaded with ideas, drawings, pictures, etc. to get you started. Once you know what kind of deck you want to build, the book has information on how to build every single piece from installing the posts, to connecting the framing to a house, to installing the joists, to laying the decking, to building the railing and so on and so on. It also helps you purchase, or borrow, the right tools needed to get the entire job done.

The book I purchased to help build my entire deck is:

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